November 13, 2019

About Me

My name is Isaac Lee Moreno, I am an aspiring travel blogger, avid videographer, and novice photographer.  Before I started this travel blog, I’ve already had experience travelling to about 23 countries in my entire life, but in the past two years, I have been to 19 of those countries.  Traveling is my passion and it allows me to appreciate the diverse culture our world has to offer.

I want to be known as The International Traveler because I have multi-cultural roots that make me a man of International upbringing. My mother is South Korean and my father has Panamanian and Colombian roots. I was born in Panama, but grew up in a military family where I had the fortunate privilege of living overseas. I graduated from the University of Tampa in 2011 with a degree in Advertising/Marketing.  I currently work full-time in the transportation industry, but find time to travel on the weekends to different countries.

My diverse ethnic background gives me a sense of pride in learning about different cultures and seeing new sites.  I am a strong believer in the best way to unite people is to bridge the gap between cultural understanding and equality.  The more you understand about someone’s culture, the more you will appreciate and respect that culture.

Hobbies: I love working out and staying in health because I just turned 30 this year and need to keep my body running for all this traveling I’m about to do.

I work a typical 8-5 job Monday through Friday that  pays the bills with some leftover that goes towards my recent years of being a traveling addict and semi sports betting junkie. I say semi because I’m not betting my paychecks to make a living.
There are two things I have a huge adrenaline for and that is traveling into the unknown and sports betting in hopes of winning thousands. I’m a huge risk taker. I love it. I think lottery players are a joke. It makes life more worthy being able to win big…sometimes.
I am addicted to travelling because I grew up with this habit of wanting to explore the world and learn about different cultures. Leaving the country is the best high I can ever get (especially in Amsterdam!)

I have been traveling in the past few years to different countries around the world. I just turned 30 and wanted to try this travel blogging thing to see if I can make a living doing this. Have you heard that saying, “Do something you are passionate about and love” Well, traveling fits perfectly in that category. I refuse to waste the rest of my youth without being able to see the world and experience life the fullest. I want to share that with the world and hopefully I can prove my videography and photography skills. There is no adrenaline or feeling I can explain when it comes to getting your passport stamped for Beijing, China knowing you are about to see one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Ever since I been to college, I’ve traveled all over the world and developed a budget-friendly way backpacking to multiple countries at a time. There are travel techniques that helped me save tons of money on food, housing, and travel expenses. My personality is always budget conscious when it comes to shopping because I always want to get the best price. I’m the one sitting in line on Black Friday trying to get the best deals. So when it comes to traveling, I preconsciously travel only when the tickets are very cheap, usually under $300 roundtrip.  Living in Florida, I have the geographic advantage of being able to travel to Central America and South American countries for as cheap as traveling anywhere else in the United States.

About Me

My name is Isaac Lee Moreno, I am an aspiring travel blogger, avid videographer, and novice photographer. Before I started this travel blog, I’ve already experienced traveling to about 23 countries in my entire life, but in the past two years, I’ve been to 19 of those countries...



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